Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • For our lorry and trailer sides we use premium trailer curtains of nearly any colour; we then use our suppliers who digitally print your advert on to these curtains.

    For the rear and hard sided trailers we use premium vinyl wrap.

  • For our curtains, it can take up to 3 weeks but if you already have them, we can fit them as soon as that truck that they were made for is free.

    For vinyl wraps, we can install in 2 weeks and we can offer a speedy install if you want to get going in under a week.

  • We can provide GPS tracking for your advert or adverts, please ask us about this in advance so we can install this for you this service if free of charge. We use certified GPS trackers so you can pin point where your advert is now and where it’s been.

  • We know plenty of low cost or free ways to boost the success of your advert, from using social media to creating press coverage. Contact us today to discuss what you want to achieve.

  • The curtain belongs to you, however we can hang onto it in case you want to repeat the campaign in the future, it saves you thousands in production costs if you do! If you want to repeat your campaign after its been removed from the truck we charge a fitting fee, typically £200-300 depending on the size of the truck, if it’s still on display, there would be no production or fitting cost to continue your campaign. It is important to note we can only place your advert on the truck it was manufactured for.

    If you no longer need your curtain or if it has completely worn out we can recycle it for you, sometimes this even means you get paid for recycling it, as they are made into handbags or other fashion accessories, perfect for post campaign gifts.

    Talk to us today to discuss your campaign ideas.

  • Truck advertising isn’t that great in the short term, however the short term doesn’t build your brand, only the longer term can. That is exactly where we can help! Truck advertising is very cost effective in the long term, as campaigns can last at least 5 years. This is very cost effective advertising from 3 months onwards. Call us to discuss how to move your advertising from a short term sales spike to long term sales increase and brand loyalty.

  • Yes, you’re more than welcome. We can provide examples for you or we can make a comparison to advertising campaigns you have already/are running/are planning to run. Contact us to find out more.

  • Whether you want to make the most of your fleet or your truck advert with us or another company (boo), we would be more than happy to help.

    We can help with design, branding or material sourcing. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

  • Yes, of course! We would need to meet you, discuss your fleet and what you want to achieve with allowing adverts on your fleet. Please contact us today, to discuss your fleet’s potential.

Billing Questions

  • We would like a monthly payment upfront for your advert, preferably the day before the month start. This will be broken down in your invoice for you, so don’t worry you don’t need a calculator.

  • For production we prefer to have this upfront, as this helps our cash flow. We give a 10% discount to those that do this to say thank you. For those that prefer to pay over their first campaign, we can offer this too but we require a down payment to secure the necessary materials. This remaining balance is paid off over the length of your campaign on top of the rental rate.

  • Once your campaign has been printed, this is the most expensive part of truck advertising. So we would advise against it because of the costs involved. However if you still wish to cancel, you can; we would need the remaining production/fitting costs if outstanding as well as a significant part ad rental balance to keep our logistics partners happy and cover cancelation costs.

    You are more than welcome to use us in future campaigns, as after all it seems a waste not to use your impressive trailer curtain.