About Us

Basic Info

We are a company dedicated to providing the highest quality truck advertising on commercial lorries and trailers across the UK.

We formed when our Managing Director, noticed that many of the trucks passing him were blank, plain or otherwise uninteresting. At the same time, Ed knew that small to medium logistics firms were struggling with cost pressures and so, with his heart firmly going out to entrepreneurial people that fuel the country’s employment and GDP creation. He wanted to find another revenue stream to allow them to survive and thrive

Luckily with his keen interest in marketing and advertising, he knew many companies were spending many thousands of pounds on advertising and not seeing the results they wanted. Realising that trucks were seen by millions of people each day, he both stumbled onto an audience normally out of reach to advertisers and a way of reaching it, using adverts measuring up to 46 sqm on each side of a lorry, making it a medium that never fails to be noticed.

With that he founded and incorporated “The Advert Man” and with that our journey begins.

Still not convinced in the power of truck advertising for your business? Think about Eddie Stobart, without their brightly liveried green and red trucks they wouldn’t be a household name today. That’s the power of truck advertising, to capture the attention of the British public. With smartphone and social media that power can be amplified enormously.

If 97% of the people who have seen truck adverts have the ability to recall them, what can this do for your businesses brand recognition?

We want to make your campaign a success. With our friendly and professional approach, you can be assured that your brand is in good hands. If you succeed we succeed, if you are not happy our job isn’t done.

Our Key Features

  • Friendly & Professional
  • Experienced in Advertising
  • Results Orientated
  • Flexible Campaigns
  • Happy to Help

Meet the Team

Edward Hollands

Managing Director and Founder

Often called Ed, he strives to find the perfect match between logistic company and advertiser. His hands on approach means he helps install most of the adverts all over the country, ensuring it looks its best from the word go.

He has a keen interest in dodgeball, entrepreneurship and small businesses.

edward hollands

Job Positions

We don’t have official positions currently, but if you think you can offer us something why not send us an email with your CV.


We love talking to enthusiastic people about how they can help us and how we can help them.